Ritual Necromancy

Ritual Necromancy- Disinterred Horror Review


Portland legends are back with a new slab of hardcore death metal to shake listeners to the core.

To Raise The Writhing Shadows is deep, dark and demonic the guitars create the perfect duel between dark and the monstrous storytelling that has become a feature of the band. Command The Sigil is a brutal onslaught of metal, bringing pounding rhythms and furious guitar licks to the fore. Discarnate Machination is brutal, simply brutal. The guitars claw through one’s eyes, and the vocals make one shiver in fear.

Cymbelleum Eosphorous is a driving sledgehammer of metal. Bringing pure riffage to the table and ensuring that the listener is grabbed and never let go of throughout the duration of the song. Disinterred Horror is a mix of brutal riffs, precise driving rhythms and a punishing vocal line that is sure to get people moshing.

The album comes out on 25th May via Dark Descent Records, be sure to pick it up.