Riffocity-Under A Mourning Sky Review

Riffocity front cover.jpg

Hailing from Greece, Riffocity has presented a new blend of metal, fused with something extraordinary.

Hail Thy Father, the first song on the record is a solid slab of metal, the riffs are jagged, the drums are pounding and grooving, the vocals are sharp and harsh. A truly great opener. Arnis Oblivion featuring Constantin Maris is a softer, slightly slower more melodic take on the classic anthems of the past, still packing serious grit and punch with the guitars. Bitter Sunday is a thrash attack, the riffs are precise and brutal, and the vocals paint a very interesting image of someone going through hell. Fortunes of Death featuring Constantin Maris, is a melodic thrash take, with blinding guitar work, and a vocal line that is sure to send people into a frenzy when played live.

This Eternal Secret Lies Above starts with a harmonised lead lick, before stepping up in gear and becoming a thrash classic. The riffs are on fire, and the melodies are quite well versed and created. The vocals are to the point and paint an interesting image. From Inside The Arrows Come is sinister, the guitar introduction is clean and very much an evil take on the clean introduction, the heaviness when it kicks in really gets you by the teeth and keeps you hooked as the band tears through a song that is sure to become a classic. Isolation is a jungle themed classic, a song built on backbreaking riffs, headbanging grooves, and a sinister vocal melody.

Perish Unloved features a guest spot by Vicky Kapsali and is a song that carries a great many layers from the sonic mesh of the minor leads, and the distorted thudding riff, through to the darkness of the lyrical content and the exchange of vocal lines between the two singers. Under a Mourning Sky, the title track is fast, furious and filled with energy, an energy that is fitting for such a metal title. A song that is sure to get featured a lot in the live set. Above The End is haunting, sinister and filled to the brim with solid metal. A song that is built on the riffs of the band and their conviction. A fitting closer.

The album is a great addition to the metal pantheon, it is available for purchase now, and can be viewed here: