Rhino Proof

Rhino Proof-Rhino Proof review

Rhino Proof hail from the classic school of Rock, and their debut album shows that off quite well. Bringing with them a healthy dose of rock and roll mentality, which is demonstrated through songs such as Code of the Road, Lucky Me and Anchorage, bringing the blues, the jazz, the piano and some brilliantly shreddy guitar to the table.

The album continues from there bringing hard rock edge and soulful melodies and singing. This is apparent on songs such as Heartland, Gravity and The Way It Goes. Rhino Proof have done something that is incredibly hard for new bands to do, they’ve mixed up all the elements of classic rock and made it seem as though they’ve been doing this for years.

If you’re a fan of good old rock and roll, be sure to pick up Rhino Proof’s album on when it’s released on 2nd March.