Revolutio-Vagrant Review

Aftermath is a chaotic mesh of the elements building into the proper opening. Meek and the Bold comes pounding in, thrusting itself into high energy positions and ensuring that the listener is not let go. What Breaks Inside snarls, and sways, certainly to produce the growling mosh pits. The Oracle moves slowly, producing epic melodies and riffs. Ozymandias is powerful built on edges and snarls.

Eclipse starts off slowly, the sense of anticipation and heaviness growing. It continues with the guitars shredding and showing their power. Silver Dawn changes from one edge to the next, allowing the guitars and the vocals to really shine. Requiem is slower, thoughtful and haunting. Daydream moves from one element to the next, producing powerful snarling menacing grit. The Great Silence is haunting, ethereal and downright metal.

The album is out November 9th via Inverse Records.