Revenge Interview

I had the pleasure of interviewing Esteban from Revenge:

  1. Revenge is quite the name, is there a meaning behind it?

Thx a lot for interview. The name of the band born in the line of vengeance since the first time when we think in a band of Black Thrash metal, initially. We think the name in Spanish: “Vengador”, but later we change to Revenge. For us mean a lot of things, specially, the Revenge of the classic sounds in Metal to all modern sound and genres. This is the way.

  1. Being from Colombia, what were some of the things that influenced you starting out? Do they still influence you now?

Colombia have a big history in metal and in extreme metal. In the 80”s  some band from Colombia blow a lot of ears in Europe.  Bands like Mayhem, just to give an example, were always motivated and attracted to the sounds created in Colombia with respect to Metal. Although this is not a direct influence of us, we always wanted to have a band that could also achieve an effect in the world’s Metal scenes, this is how today many people outside of Colombia in different countries, especially in Europe and Asia, like our music and support us. Maybe the most important influence for we start a band was the passion that we have for classic Heavy Metal.


  1. Would you say there’s an overarching theme in Spitting Fire?

Well, I believe is the feeling of rise in the war. This may sound weird but we always think that the sounds of classic metal and old school metal can give and fight a battle in a world where there are so many new genres and so many mixes between classic and modern genres. We will always stay in the classic metal line and that, in part, is also what the song spitting fire says.  “We will stand  Spitting Fire”, while we are able, active, without weakening and with the band working, in the line of a classic Metal that we like, we are passionate and that we hope that captivates also the metal maniacs of the world.


  1. Do you have a favourite song from the record?

For me and im sure that too is a favorite song of the other members of the band, is the song: “Rise of The Braves”. It may be that we really enjoyed composing this song and making some arrangements in order to make the sound we wanted. Especially in the work of voices and guitars. This is one of the topics that we have enjoyed to the fullest when we played live in the last two months.



  1. What plans do you have for the future?

Well, for the future we have some plans, but not always things is going like we want. Initially we hope that this release will be appreciate a lot for all metal maniacs in Metal Scenes, specially in Europe, because our label Iron Shield Records from Germany make the official reissues in LP & CD Format. Maybe in next year we plan some gigs in Europe and keep playing in other sides where the band can be invited. Always keep on compossing new songs ans think in new ideas. This was our seventh album, and maybe I believe will be many more.


Revenge-Spitting Fire review

REVENGE was formed in 2002, in that infamous city Medellin, Colombia, to play speed metal. They’ve had a colourful career and are now back with their new album.

Spitting Fire truly lives up to their mission statement, there are big ballsy riffs, soaring vocals, and driving rhythms. Songs such as Heavy Metal Friends, Thirst of Avenge, Rise of The Braves and Spitting Fire all add credence to this.

This is an album that requires being played at eleven, and even louder if possible. It will get your head moving, your heart racing, and your fists pumping. It is a true speed metal album and an absolute classic in the making.