Redemption-Long Night’s Journey Into Day Review

Redemption - Long Night's Journey into Day.jpg

Eyes You Dare Not Meet In Dreams starts things off, with a bit of fuzz, and a bit of chaos, it moves into a pounding riff that drives the song, bringing soaring guitar work and piercing vocals forward. A brilliant start to the album. Next up is Someone Else’s Problem which moves with the feeling of a 1980s dance song, before bringing the groove and pounding the listener’s ear drums with some serious metal. The Echo Chamber grooves and slants its way through the listener’s palette, ensuring it is firmly planted there with some solid grooves and beats, and a serious vocal performance. Impermanent is driving, brutal and ferocious, carrying some serious metal shifts and gear changes. Indulge in Color is slower, more haunting and slightly ethereal, definitely a song that brings things into a different perspective.

Little Men is ominous in its phrasing and tonality, it drives a hard bargain, moving between soft and thoughtful to heavy and grounding. And Yet begins with a piano introduction, the melodies on the Piano drive the sense of despair and loneliness within the protagonist within the song. When the guitars kick in they bring an added layer of heaviness to proceedings. The Last Of Me is pure heavy metal, driving, concrete and solid, bringing about energy and focus to proceedings and ensuring that the listener is kept on the hook throughout. New Year’s Day is a nice take on a classic U2 Song, with added flair and riffage to make it downright brutal. Title track, Long Night’s Journey Into Day is a mix of flavours, slow clean melodies combined with a driving urgency in the vocals and rhythm patterns, adds to a sense that something desperate is about to happen. When the tempo increases and the heaviness with it, things get deeply interesting.

The album is out 27th July via Metal Blade Records.