Red Cain

Red Cain-Kindred Act I

Redcain 2_3E web.jpg

“Snakebouquet,” is haunting and chilling, with some serious guitar skills on show here. The vocals soar and produce something of deep connect and power alongside something else entirely. “M,” is another soaring melodical journey that produces something fitting and harmonious whilst weaving a dark narrative. “Zero,” is a slower number with a dark and deepening sense of dread and chaos, within the context of the album, an absolute blinder. “Blood and Gold,” is melodic and thoughtful.

“Juliet,” is a thoughtful and inspiring piece, with varying melodies and dark contextual pieces that veer one way and then another. “A,” is a rip roarer and a master class. “Wing of the Crow,” is thoughtful, with added depth and seriousness, a fitting closer.

The album is out on 1st March.