Raven-Live In Aalborg


New Wave Of British Heavy Metal legends, Raven are back, this time with a live offering that grooves like a beast.

“Destroy All Monsters,” screams to life, bringing the furious nature of the band to life. The crowd roars into being as well, bringing this whole thing to a new plane. “Hell Patrol,” a slow moving, but grooving monster of a song that gradually picks up speed, swaggering along. “All For One,” a galloping dancing melody tribute to the Sweet. “Hung Drawn and Quartered,” is delivered as a battering ram, never quite slowing down and never stopping for anything, pure thrash. “Rock Until You Drop,” delivers a sharp thump and then some.  “A.A.N.S.M.M.G.N,’  a shred and riff fest.

“Tank Treads,” keeps things going with the elements of Anthrax thrown in there just as casually as anything else. A driving riff makes this a hit. “Faster Than The Speed of Light,” a song that grooves and gets the crowd going with equal amounts of energy and spin. “On and On,” another great rocker that doesn’t stop for anything and gets the crowd moving so loudly you can hear them on the record. “Break The Chain,” a call to arms. “Crash, Bang Wallop,” the precursor to thrash delivered with a wink and a grin.

The album is out on January 18th via Steamhammer/SPV