Raven Throne

Raven Throne-I Miortvym Snicca Zolak Review


Belarus’ finest, Raven Throne are back with a new album and boy does it pack a punch.

Starting with the monster track Vietru, the moment the thunder hits, it is clear that the band mean business. The acoustic guitar introduction is a nice touch, and when the jagged riffs and the soaring vocals kick in, the band really shine. Pole cicha šaptala kalossiem is a story told over the driving guitar and drum pattern, beating the rhythm of something more concrete and proud, something that is true and heavy. Imža, i sklizota, i prykraja zol is a mix of styles, clean, dark, melodic, melancholic, all of it is delivered with fire and panache.

Vosien is a mish mash of driving rhythms, solid thumping beats and a vocal melody that is sure to get many a listener practising their own chops for a time. Žyvym vas nie daklikacca… is classic dark black metal, clean introductions on the acoustic guitar, before the vocals hit with the harshness and ferocity one has come to expect from this fine band.  Žyvoj kryvi žyvyja cielcy is driving, moving and grooving, the guitars lead the way here and they do a mighty fine job.

The album is out now via Non Serviam Records.