Ratbreed-Evoke The Blaze Review


Escape From The Asylum is fast, heavy and adrenaline fuelled, the vocals reflect that sense of urgency with their up and down cadences, making the song one of the best introductions on a record anywhere in 2018. Hunting High, Reaping Low has swagger, and groove, and a vocal melody that would make some of the classic singers jealous, a really infectious melody. Decay Of The Mind is big, with the guitars driving the song, the sense that this is the go to live chant for the band is reinforced by the vocal melodies and the chorus. Blaze From Below is fast, galloping and heavy, a brilliant take on a classic formula. Gates Of Underworld is fast, furious and face meltingly epic, something that will go down in the history books.

Unhallowed Sleep gallops and the vocals roar through this number, a song that is sure to get people moving when played live. Mad World is slower, but just as furious as the other songs, moving through the numbers and the paces with frenetic energy. Through The Flames is another slower groover, and a song that bleeds epicness. I Rule The Ruins the cover of a Warlock classic is something else entirely, the classic is given a new lease of life and sings into life.

The album is out on July 13th via Inverse Records.