Rapheumets Well

Rapheumets Well-The Elder Anthology Review

The Elder's Anthology Album cover.jpg

“Resurrecting The Bloodgate,” a pounding Goliath of a song. It snarls and bites, producing hooks of melody and a changing glowering menace, all within a certain timeframe that enables brutality. “Dimensions,” shimmers and shivers, dancing along slow lines. It is a song that is sure to get the crowd going when performed live. “Crucible of Titans,” another song that snarls its way to the fore. Biting and shivering in the light and the darkness, as stories of old are told. “Resurgence,” slows things down. It ensures there is some time for breathing whilst also mixing together, some truly aggressive feelings. “The Witch of Darkspire,” snarls and bites, dancing along lines with some serious groove.
“The Betrayer,” mixes things together quite nicely, ensuring there is a smile and a wink here and there. Playing on the cards of humanity whilst also smiling at the darkest moments. “They Cometh In Fire,” is filled with brutality a snarling monster on the back of the beast. “Distress on The Aberrant Planet,” is filled with anger and rage, boiling at the surface. “Ghost Walkers Exodus,” biting along the line, dancing on the edge of the precinct of sanity, orchestral might shining forth.

The Elder Anthology is out on 26th October via Test Your Metal Records.