The seminal debut by one of the greatest of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal bands gets the reissue treatment. It still sounds as crisp and as delightful and heavy as it did back when it was released the first time. Truly, this is a delight.

“Mainline Riders,” a song that has so much history behind it, really shines through. The vocals are beautifully crafted, the melodies are interwoven with such power and strength that the listener cannot help but move their head. “Sugar Rain,” is a bombastic delight, with some fascinating imagery. “Street Fighting Lady,” the lead and the pummel are all there. It brings with it the anger and anguish and all the energy of the past. “Hustler,” leads with the twin lead and the dynamic duo and continues down the path of power. “Devil’s Brew,” is a rocker added in with some dark groove.

“Smokie,” is softer, more thoughtful and with added edge. “Around and Around,” continues the procession into some new and interesting territory. Some of which is sure to get people moving. “Pleasure Seekers,” is definitive early heavy metal, driving melodies, a powerful rhythm and biting vocals. “Little Old Lady,” continues down this pathway, trying and forging itself into something new.

The album is out on 22nd February via Dissonance Productions.