Purser Deverill

Purser Deverill- Square One Review


“Square One,” comes in with that bombastic piano intro, and some interesting soaring melodies on the guitar and the listener can tell instantly that things are going to be good. The song has a definitive good time feel about it. “Hypnotise,” is a darker song, with that added musical intonation that really adds a bite to the song, and ensures that the listener is hooked from the get go. “Travel The World,” is an absolute rocker, bringing the big chords and the major hooks back from the Seventies. “Beat Them, Join Them,” is a groovy melodic song that continues its growth and appreciation throughout. “Make It True,” is an old time ballad, with that modern flourish that makes it so addictive.

“With You,” a song that carries both weight and added sense ventures into new realms with frequency and grit. “Factor X,” has that territory, dark and gritty, with energy and groove, a pace within the new world. “Captured In Freefall,” another song that delivers the goods and promises so much more, a rocking anthem for the ages. “Darkest Cloud,” slows things down a tad, and then works them back up, the piano is a very nice touch. “Apocalypse Then,” comes gunning in with serious fright and might.

The album is out now via Mighty Music.