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Purple Hill Witch-Celestial Cemetary Review

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Purple Hill Witch are a band that hails from that land of Vikings, black metal and Viking metal, they bring to the table a slab of inspired doom and stoner metal inspired by the greats. Their debut album released a few years ago brought them to the attention of the metal going masses, and now they are back with their second album Celestial Cemetery.

The album starts with Ghouls In Leather. It starts with a organ intro, before moving into a slow moving riff, that draws it seems from the well of NWOBHM legends Witchfinder General, the vocals bring in the sense of haunting and minor feels that make it a stand out track for a opener. The pace continues with Harbinger of Death. Feedback starts the song before moving into a definite Free Country vibe with swaggering rhythms and anthemic vocal lines that are sure to get the crowd going. The title track Celestial Cemetary is a slow, demonic song that brings to mind the epicness of Sabbath, Witchfinder General and others, it is a real belter of a song and one sure to send chills down the spine of any listener.

Around the Universe starts with a sliding riff, before moving into ear splitting riffage of the kind that would make Tony Iommi proud. A huge vocal line and big choruses make this a song that is sure to draw a lot of praise when played live. Menticide is next, starting with feedback before moving into solid pushing rhythms and a big pulsating riff, a song that has huge headbanger potential written all over it, and a rollicking solo. First Encounter is a slow moving, chromatic trilling song that details what appears to be either an encounter with the Devil himself or Aliens, either way it is epic! Burnt Offering brings bluesy riffs, and quick thrash style riffs and epic vocal lines to the table and is a fitting closer.

With Celestial Cemetary, I believe Purple Hill Witch have hit a resonate note. I absolutely love this album, it brings the best of doom, blues and stoner metal together, and mixes it together in a excellent blend of riffage and epic vocal tales.  If you like metal, you need to buy this album, it is a brilliant album and will get you hooked!