Project Evil

Project Evil-Project Evil Review


Starting off with the haunting clean intro of Fire at Will, it becomes quite clear that Project Evil are here to set the scene and get the listener hooked. As the heaviness kicks in, the guitars swing and swagger through, and the drums pound out some healthy metal gospel. Project Evil follows a similar pattern, starting of slow and clean, with the haunting melodies creating a sense that something is about to happen. The distorted guitars, and the pounding of the drums adds something dark and dangerous about the song. Fading To The Sun from the get go is heavy, filled with energy and precision, building things up to the point where headbanging is the only acceptable thing to do. Pulsanda Tellus moves between clean acoustics, and heavy soaring, a song that is sure to get the crowd moving.

Poker of Skulls is haunting, with the riffs providing the sense that something is creeping up and down the alley, the vocals are sharp and precise, and the whole setting of the song adds to this dimension. Bal Sagoth is slow, terrifying and haunting, the perfect combination of melancholic vocal melodies combined with crushing guitar riffs. Red Dawn moves and sways with the pounding beat, that allows the guitars to swing in and out, providing chaos and balance.

The album is out on 24th August, via Mighty Music.