Primitai Live @ The Black Heart, Camden. Review.


Primitai, a new hat, whilst also being old school, came to support Cauldron at The Black Heart on Thursday, and boy did they bring it.

Fresh off the back of an impressive new album The Calling, the band came roaring right out of the gate with new track “Overdrive,” a song so fierce and spell binding you can’t help but move to it. They followed that up with  an absolute rocker in “Night Brings Insanity,” a driving infectious groover of a song. The reception it got from the crowd was enough to tell you that this is a song and a band that brings the goods.

“Black Rider,” followed and then came a huge moment, for the reviewer personally. “The Calling,” an atmospheric masterpiece that delivers on everything that heavy metal is supposed to be. The band know how to deliver a hook and Guy was on fire during the crowd participation.

This continued with “The Cannibal ,” and “Line Of Fire,” both songs that are simply amazing live. Finishing with “Scream When You See Us,” was a stroke of genius and a fitting finisher.

Primitai have a strong future ahead of them. 10/10.



Primitai Interview


I had the pleasure of interviewing Guy and Sergio from Primitai at their gig with Cauldron at the Black Heart in Camden on Thursday:


1. Your new album The Calling came out in May, what’s it been like playing the album live, and have you had to make many changes to how to perform the songs?

Guy: “Playing live is always a different challenge to playing in the studio. For the new album especially because there’s a few more challenging parts on some of these songs, so figuring out how to play them live has been fun. We’ve gotten great feedback from the audience on the gigs so far.”

2. How do you choose a set list for your shows, and what are your favourite songs from the new album to play?

Guy: “We’ve got quite an extensive back catalogue, so that makes it both very interesting and difficult to choose songs to play. But we could if we wanted to play songs from an entire album and that would make an entire set list. As to songs from the new album? Oh, that’s a difficult one. I would have to say “No Survivors,” and “The Calling,” because of how anthemic they both are. Overdrive also.”

Sergio: “I agree with Guy, it’s quite difficult to choose a favourite song from the new album. They’re all really good. But “Overdrive,” and “The Calling,” definitely stand out to me.”

3. Do you have plans for a longer tour after this show?

Guy: “We’ve got plans for a longer tour in early 2019, probably starting around January. Before then we’ll be playing a fair few shows here and there in 2018.”

4.  How have things changed on this album compared to previous albums? Are there any specific themes that were explored throughout the album or on individual songs?

Guy: “The new album is quite different to previous albums due to the fact that the line up is much more settled and stable now, meaning that we know one another and how we all work together. For this album we would all come up with different parts for different songs and then send them through to one another and go from there. It sounds quite scattered, but it is a process that greatly works for us. As for specific themes, individual songs had some concepts; “Curse of Olympus,” being one such song. A few songs took the standard mythological concept to its natural state.”






Primitai-The Calling Review


London based melodic metal band Primitai are here with a new album entitled The Calling, and boy is it a good album.

Starting off with the slow creep of Possess Me it is clear that the band are going to be exploring some angles that have previously not been touched before, and that that is going to make things all the more interesting. Demons Inside is big, bold, harsh and sharp, and is sure to be a favourite of audiences when played live. Overdrive is a riff master’s dream, big on the crunching riffs and the shredding guitars the vocals also paint a fascinating picture. Curse of Olympus is a dance and a half, with some swing in there, and a melodic guitar duelling composition that moves into outright metal with the chugging riffs.

No Survivors is big and bold, the riffs are headbang worthy, the vocals are sharp and precise and the overall instrumentation of the song is fantastic. Memories Lost is slightly slower, cleaner, darker and overall an epic song that would go down well when performed live. The Calling is fast, bluesy metal, with a hint of that classic London edge.

Into the Light is symphonic destruction, the guitars, the vocals all of it combines to make one hell of a song to shape it all. Into the Dark is atmospheric and dangerous, a song that is sure to go over as a hit when performed live. Tempest Returns is full of energy, swagger and groove, a brilliant closer.

The album is out on 25th May via Dissonance Productions.