Power Metal Quest Fest 2019 Review

On Saturday 28th September, 2019, a couple hundred punters turned up to the Asylum, in Birmingham's Snow Hill area to listen to that most glorious of all metal sub genre's Power Metal. Starting proceedings off at 1 pm sharp were Forlorn Hope.   Forlorn Hope play a mixture of anthemic and militaristic based songs, that... Continue Reading →

Primitai Interview

I had the pleasure of interviewing Guy and Sergio from Primitai at their gig with Cauldron at the Black Heart in Camden on Thursday:   1. Your new album The Calling came out in May, what's it been like playing the album live, and have you had to make many changes to how to perform the songs?... Continue Reading →

Primitai-The Calling Review

London based melodic metal band Primitai are here with a new album entitled The Calling, and boy is it a good album. Starting off with the slow creep of Possess Me it is clear that the band are going to be exploring some angles that have previously not been touched before, and that that is... Continue Reading →

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