Prezir- As Rats Devour Lions Review

As Rats Devour Lions Cover.jpg

The title track As Rats Devour Lions is filled with brutal energy, a galloping riff, followed by heaviness and darkness in the vocal lines and melodies. Ideologue Alchemy is another brutal number, pounding and growling throughout. Janicari is snarling and growling, filled with energy and chaos. Dar Al Harb is another chaotic number, striving through for  things unknown in all sorts of energetic manners.

Serpents In The House of Ra pounds its way to the front, snarling and growling. Death Ritual drives its way through and gallops and changes at spits and spurts. Plagiarised Infamy downright terrifying with shifting melodies and tonalities. Oedipus Context snarls, and grooves, pounding out a rhythm that frightens and excites.

The album is out on 17th September via Gods of War Productions.