Pious Levus

Pious Levus-Beast Of The Foulest Depths Review

pious cover.jpg

Nameless Cruciforms is brutal, an onslaught, and darkness brought to the fore, chaotic and infernal. Baal de Mentior bangs in with jagged and chaotic riffs. Beast Of The Foulest Depths slithers in, changing and clanging. Crimson God Possession is a monster, slow, dark and heavy. Desolate Dreams Of Burial Hymns snakes through, slithering and cross through different paths. Hellsummoning is a monster, dark and a call to arms.

Hellborn Host is fast, breakneck riffs delivered with a snarl. Encursing Invader is similar to Hellborn, fast, breakneck speed and carnage. Daemon Invocation is slow, breakneck and chaotic. Pious Shall Leave Us is fast, furious and chaotic. Conquered Shrine is similar. A fitting closer.

The album is out now via Warfare Noise Productions.