Pink Cocoon

Pink Cocoon-Alienation Review


Help Me starts with feedback, before moving into the darkest and grooviest corners of doom metal. Or perhaps psychedelic metal, it moves and shakes, the riffs keep things very interesting, and ensure that the listener is kept thoroughly enraptured. No Control contains one of the heaviest introductions yet, distorted and fed through a sound loop, it moves into absolute carnage with one of the biggest grooving riffs that has yet been found on a record. Old Lady At The Window moves and slithers, a tantalising song that keeps the listener hooked and on edge throughout.

Someone Is Out There is chilling with its shifting melodies and pulsating riffs and rhythms, the song really brings out the bluesy edge of the band and ensures that the listener is once more rapt up in something deep and dark. A New Beginning is slower and shorter, and definitely very trippy. Child of Death is heavy and fast, moving and shaking over a pounding riff, a song that is sure to get people moving.

The album is out now, via the band’s shop!