Pertness-Metamorphosis Review

“Metamorphosis,” the title track starts off with a clean intro before moving into darker overtones. The guitar leads come hammering in as do the drums, and there’s a real sense that something epic is about to happen. That feeling is proven right when the vocals come in, and the sense of a story being weaved is increased. “Fortress,” is an epic journey. Led by twin harmonies on the guitar and drive through with a pounding rhythmic section. “Words Of Lies,” dances on the seems, and brings together the pounding and soaring vocal ranges. “Firestorm,” weaves an intricate tale together on the back of some seriously grooving melodies. “Left Behind,” classic power metal, with added flair and bounce.

“I’m A Slave,” adds a little darkness in the thumping bass riff, combining together to ensure that the melodies and riffs are weaved together. “Face To Face With Hell,” a fast moving ripper of a song that combines varied elements together and ensures that the listener is kept hooked from the get go. “Flying To The Sun,” mixes it all together, free falling riffs, dancing melodies and some seriously infectious beats. “Waves Of Pain,” dances along, spearheaded by the groove and the grit. “There’s A Storm In My Mind,” is suitably epic as a closer.

The album is out on December 7th.