Oubliette-The Passage Review

Oubliette - The Passage cover art

A Place Innocence comes thundering down the pathway, with some serious shredage, a masterful riff, and some fierce drum work. The Curse is slower with some discordant guitar work in the introduction, the drums provide some suitable distempoed work before the vocals come in with a sledgehammer. Solitude enters the fray, slow, with the clanging of a bell and some distorted thrash work. Elegy is faster, filled with driving riffs, and pinpoint precision with the vocals.

Emptiness starts off slowly with the acoustic guitars creating a discordant image, this continues throughout the song as it serves as a bridge. The Raven’s Lullaby is also slower, more thoughtful, melancholic and dark. Barren starts of slower, darker and more thoughtful it progresses into heaviness and the vocals reflect this changing tempo, snarling, stuttering and growling. The Passage is fast and brutal.

The album is out on 13th July via The Artisan Era.