Osmium Guillotine

Osmium Guillotine – A Million To One Review

A Million To One - Front Cover.jpg

A Million To One goes through twists and turns, producing sharp contrasts, bringing solid melodies and pounding riffs, a definitively metal performance for an opening track. He Played Rock and Roll is fast, a rocker with ferocity and chaos, ensuring that the spirit of rock and roll remains there for all to see. Through The Black Mirror starts off slowly off the back of a bass riff, before moving into overdrive, soaring into action. Slay The Guillotar is fast, a rocker, with added emphasis on the riffs and the drive forward into legend territory.

Paradox produces another fine display of riffage and chaos, the song focuses on a few riffs with the melodies of the vocals intertwined with them, producing some quite spectacular. Metal Man starts slowly, the haunting atmosphere of the guitars producing hair raising moments, it then moves into darkness and despair through minor fluctuations. The Demon Within is a rocker, with epic melodies and sides of riff cake added in, brilliantly done. Only Famous is a rocking tribute to the modern day culture.

The album is out on 14th September.