Orgullo Nativo

Orgullo Nativo-Entre El Campo de Batalla

Orgullo Nativo - Cover.jpg

The title track begins with rain and a screaming horse, it moves into a scared man and a story over an acoustic guitar. Orgullo Nativo follows and is filled with thrashy riffs, and a pounding rhythm, the vocals are piercing and epic, enough to get the crowd moving when played live. Sesion 2 is a message through the short form. Salario Miserable is slower, darker and heavier than Orgullo, it is filled with grooving riffs and dark menacing vocal melodies. Sesion 3 and Verdugo feed into one another, bringing binding riffs and solid thumping melodies to the table. Sesion 4 and Euthrashnasia are thrashing classics with solid overlays. 

Sesion 5 and Preludio are dark and slower, with the acoustic melodies feeding into that sense of impending darkness. Infierno is heavy as anything with the bass riff bleeding through and ensuring that the song carries weight. Ejecucion is slower, more mechanical but also filled with rapid fire.

The album is out now via Morbid Skull Records.