Oomph-Ritual! Review


“Tausend,” starts proceedings off with a car engine, and moves into a blistering riff that snakes and crawls through the ground, taking no prisoners. “Achtung! Achtung!” A snorker of a song, weaving interesting elements and theories together to create something spell binding. “Kein Liebslied,” a song with haunting gothic melodies that takes from one end and another. “Trummerkinder,” machine metal at its finest. “Europa,” discordant and rampant, weaving together in a collection of sin.

“Im Namen,” another haunting gothic featurette, that takes things to new levels. “Das Schweigen,” a haunting elemental song that features some very interesting melodical work. “TRRR,” a rampaging machine that takes no shit. “Phoenix,” another snorter of a song, with some intriguing melodies and starts. “Lass,” slows things down enough to bring the thunder. “Seine Seele,” another song that ventures this way and that.

The album is out on 18th January via Napalm Records.