Ominous Eclipse

Ominous Eclipse-Sinister Review


Death by Dissection comes barrelling in, with orchestral arrangements and death itself inflected on the riffs. Sinister dances around, snaking and slithering, producing something close to insanity. Spiral Into Insanity moves the ground with brutal intensity. Lost at Sea starts off with melody, before the ground shakes and the horrors are unleashed.

No Redemption For the Damned travels the route of the listener’s ears, producing some nice catchy melodies tied in with some absolute brutality. Breaking The Chains is a monster, fractured riffs and menacing vocals make this a catch and a half. The Horde is serpentine, ensuring that none can truly control or menace it, producing some seriously heavy melodies. Eye of the Raven is powerful, bringing edge and grit whilst also ensuring pure metal is not missed.

The album is out 14th September.