Of Hatred Spawn

Of Hatred Spawn Review

Of Hatred Spawn Album Cover web.jpg

“Overture,” is dark, foreboding and a precise foretelling of what is to come and how this is all going to end. “Global Dehumanization,” is a rocker with brutality and chaos mixed all into one, with nothing but pain and anger growing throughout it. “Nest of Vipers,” is a driving monster, led by the riff and chaos. “Severed Limb Confusion,” another chaotic and frantic beast with energy coming this way and that.

“Plaga,” is a guitarist’s wet dream, shifting with tones and paces, and never quite settling down in one way or another. It drives and allows the listener to come on a journey. “Nocturnal Swarm,” another fast moving, riff driven ornamentation. “God of Wrath,” a fast paced closer.

The album is out on 21st December via Boonsdale Records.