Nothgard-Malady X

Nothgard - Malady X.jpg

“Voyage To Decay,” is an interesting number, a fascinating beginning that shifts and turns with little darts here and there. “Malady X,” delivers everything, breaking new ground with rage and soaring guitars. “Shades Of War,” a song that is filled with aggression and some sense of hope from the get go, brings the vocal arrangements to the peak. “Guardians Of Sanity,” dances around the edges, never quite going over the top, but always tempting and producing some fascinating melodies. “Epitaph,” a snarling monster that snakes around with grace and fervour. “Deamonium 1,” a song filled with big sweeping gestures and swooping words. “Serpent Hollow,” fast paced and a monstrous rocker that steals the show.

“Devil Will Know,” epic filled with harmonised guitars and slowly bringing the gait to the fore. “Fall Of An Empire,” snakes and snarls, bringing heaviness to the fore, and allowing the vocals to snarl. “Herald Of Death,” is big and bold, the keys are a nice addition, and the underlying melodies bring something new and interesting to the fore. “Black Horizon,” as an instrumental shifts and turns, changing beyond the edge. “Eye For An Eye,” is a fiercesome collective of metal combined together for some true raging. “Ninja,” is proper metal, finishing with a bang and a crash.

The album is out on 26th October via Metal Blade Records.