Northwoods-Wasteland Review

The Italians are back with a cracking new album that shines with the blistering tracks Ground Zero with its monster riff and drum package, and Moebius with its dancing riff and moving chorus, that really get the listener in the frame of mind. City 40 is big with the layered riff of doom, and the sense of urgency. Asylum is a big number, with big drawn out riffs, and slower more darker feel to it.

Strength Path is a big junky song with the right sort of groove and movement to it to get it to be a real shaker when played live. Future Is A Shadow Line is chaotic and frenetic. Detachment is slower, more moving and haunting. The Witness is pure black metal, a frenetic and chaotic grooving number.

The album is out soon via Mothership Records.