Northern Crown

Northern Crown-Northern Crown Review

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I Am Your Slave is slow, pounding and ominous the hammond organ adds a nice touch, with fight and power bringing themselves to the fore. Merciless, They Let You Suffer comes in all guns blazing, producing some absolute brilliant melodies and hooks, and ensuring that the listener is kept on tenderhooks throughout. Forged From Nothing drives the album, and the vocals really soar here.  Chasing The Sun is a rocker, backed by a grooving riff, and a powerful dark energy that leads the way.

The Desert And The Wind is slow, hauntingly so, and as such the vocals are truly allowed to shine, producing something that is simply beautiful. Righteous and Pure is haunting hulking and downright terrifying. By Demons Bidden is slow, haunting, dark, threatening and everything good about doom metal. Your River is ethereal and the vocals lead the charge here.

The album is out on 12th October.