North of South

North of South-New Latitudes Review


The Human Equation shifts and shimmers on the back of powerful melodies, ensuring the listener is kept captivated by everything, from the piano intro to the darkening grooves and riffs. Nobody Knows is eclectic, moving from one element to the next, with the vocals proving the leader. Balance Paradox is fast, and confusing, but intriguing nonetheless. Before We Die is slower, thoughtful and with a hint of melody. Crystal Waters shifts, producing one gear and then another all within the range of anger and intrigue.

There’s No Glamour In Death pounds its way through, producing big seismic riffs and a pounding melody. Time Will Tell is a furious riff monster, backed by jungle rhythm. Faith Is Not Hope dances around, slanting this way and that, producing a song that is most powerful. Montreux is jazz infused, with a hint of irony and power.

The album is out on 28th September via Rockshots Records.