Nergard-Memorial For A Wish


In 2013, Andreas Nergard released his debut solo project, and five years later he’s back with a new improved and revisited version. With songs such as Angels and Haunted showing that time has aged them well, the vocals are on point, soaring and crescendoing through the stratosphere, the guitars and other accompanying instruments seem to fit well within the circle of things. Hell on Earth is chaotic, frantic and desperate, the vocal melodies reflect this and the instrumentation is the right level of dark and angsty to keep the listener hooked.

Stay has a mix of elements as well, hopeful, and also sad, the vocals reflect the tone of the song accurately, and this could well be a highlight when performed live in this version. A Question of God is thumping, heavy and powerful, a sure starter live. An Everlasting Dreamscape is ethereal, moving with the tide and something that is sure to get a lot of people interested.

Nightfall shifts through the tenure of a song that brings about mixed images, a number that carries weight and shows that the album still has legs. Requiem is moving, thoughtful and outright sinister in places. Inside Memories the closing track is brilliantly done, a movement of sounds and feelings and imagery, a brilliant closing track and one that will get appreciation.

Be sure to get this record when it is released on 20th April via Battlegood Productions.