Necroart-Caino Review

“March Of The Ghouls,” comes in with a haunting melody and a shape shifting experiment on the instrumentation, it truly is an interesting changing piece. “An Invocation For The Horned,” is a brutal masterpiece, barrelling in with some serious grooves and melodies. A snarling masterpiece that changes from one end to the next. “Mastodon Rising,” slowly builds its way into the listener’s view point, growing with darkness and edge. It eventually becomes a behemoth as the name suggests. “Caino,” drives the front, bringing barrelling rhythms and some interesting melody choices to the fore. “Bringer of Light,” is minor driven, anticipatory and filled with angst and anger.

“Flames,” a slow sludge through the growth of power and anger, developing on the back of some seriously gnarly riffs. “Wounds On Angel Wings,” another song filled with heaviness from the root to the riff. “One Is All, All Is One,” a song that shifts and changes with tone and feeling, producing another beautifully arranged melodical takedown of some very fascinating subject matter. “Into The Maelstrom,” is a brutal construction, filled with anger, rage and pain.

The album is out on November 30th via The Goatmancer Records.