Naxatras-III Review

Going with the bold decision to self-release their new album entitled III, Naxatras hail from Greece, a country famed for its history and its traditional allegiance to metal. On this record, the band show off their progressive and psychedelic influences, without regret and without dampening their spirit.

Spring Song, White Morning and On The Silver Line are classic prog, bringing out the melody and weird time signatures and ensuring that the listener is always kept alert. The vocals are precise and to the point whilst the guitars bring with them an element of confusion that all great prog tracks have.

This is followed up with some truly lengthy and psychedelic tracks, such as Prophet, You Won’t Be Left Alone, Machine and Land of Infinite Time. Such tongs bring a whole new meaning to the genre and really enable the band to show off their musicianship, with there being jams thrown in for good measure.

Naxatras have brought a new taste to the music scene and with it a new fan. Be sure to check out the album when it is released on 16th February.