National Napalm Syndicate

National Napalm Syndicate-Time Is The Fire Review


Hailing from Finland National Napalm Syndicate are back with their new album Time Is The Fire. Starting with Pig Moon Rising with the winds howling, the vocals creating the atmosphere of tension, the listener feels the hair stand up on the back of their neck. The guitars and drums create a sense of discord, that is met amply by the next song. Obey The System is fast, but with melodies and direction, something that other such songs sometimes lack. A strong performance from vocalist Ilkka ‘Ile’ Järvenpää. In The Dead Of The Night is a mix of Metallica style riffs, and Judas Priest style leads, the guitars shine on this song and rightly so, this is a song that will bring the crowds singing when performed live. Kuolema is a mix of Black Metal tremolo picked riffs and something a bit more mainstream, the vocals are fitting for the style of the song. Harsh and discordant.

Bringer of Pain is fast, whilst retaining the sense of melody that the band is known for. The guitars shine through, the vocals create the right sense of anticipation within the listener. Knife Against My Throat has swagger and drive, a song that could well become a thrashy moshpit style song in the future. Drowning starts with a bass line from hell, creating a moody and heavy song, that carries with the guitars and the vocal lines. Fallen Gardens is epic, a masterpiece in the craftsmanship of songwriting, carrying synths and guitars and drums that fit the vocal lines of the song perfectly.

Original Sin continues the trend, building into the narrative, with clean guitars, building a sense of anticipation before moving into an outright heavy territory, the vocals soar as the song develops, and the guitars shine throughout. Ken Tasta Kay is a mix of harmonised guitars and straight up brutalised metal that would make Kerry King’s jaw drop. The riffs are on point and the vocals are brutal. Animal Is Out Of Control is fast, and furious. Unholy Madness is the orient pearl within the record, riffs in the chromatic scale that create the image of a crusading army, as the frenetic pace of the guitars and drums continues a story is told.

Welcome To Tomorrow has driving riffs and a pounding rhythm section, before moving into proper thrash territory. Faces start off clean, before moving into the heavy territory that would make a band like Bathory proud. The Worm Moon is a spoken word outro that builds into the next song. Blood and Iron is fast and furious a brilliant way to close out the album.

Be sure to purchase this album when it is released on 18th May via Iron Shield Records.