Nale Interview

I had the opportunity to speak with Matthias from Nale today:

  1. What inspired the name of the band, and what are your influences?


The name of the band comes from a Swedish joke for one ale, came up with it on a night out, and sort of combined it with the drink Newcastle Brown Ale. As for influences, I grew up listening to old school rock, my older brother got me into Guns n Roses and Metallica, and then from there I branched out to Pantera, Sepultura and Punk Rock. Nowadays I still enjoy the old classics, but in my view as you get older, your taste ages, becomes more complex, like wine and cheese. Now, I listen to anything, it depends on my mood.”


  1. What’s the process behind writing and recording your records?


“Always becomes more than we planned for. For the first album we followed a traditional process, we wrote the songs, we rehearsed the songs over a few years so we were well versed in them by the time we came to record them. This album was different, our producer Lawrence had changed studios I believe, and so he wasn’t sure what his availability would be. So, what we did was we wrote riffs and we jammed, and created the foundations. Then we did everything ourselves individually, and emailed them over to one another, the drums were done with Lawrence. After the album was done we decided that for our next record we want to return to our original process.”


  1. What songs off of the new album are you looking forward to performing live?


“The album’s been done for about a year already, so we’ve had the chance to perform a few of the songs. Songs like Slither, Filth, Exit and Pigs have already been performed and gone down well with the crowds. As have songs like Dead Man’s Song, Smasher and Death, Skulls and Satan, so we will likely be adding them to setlist regularly. When it comes to choosing songs, there’s not set process, it’s more about seeing how it flows during rehearsals and developing it organically, rather than forcing it.”


  1. What does the future hold?


“We’re going to be going out on tour once the album is out. As its coming out kind of late, we’ve missed the festival season, so will be doing odds and ends during the summer, before doing a proper tour during the autumn.”



Nale-Death, Skulls, Satan Review


After a six year gap between albums, which saw them release an EP, Nale are back with their second full length album Death, Skulls, Satan, and boy jove is it an album that is worth the wait.

Starting off with Slither, Nale prove that they mean business, there is a grooviness to this song that adds to its sheer heaviness and brutality, making it the perfect opener. Filth is another monster of a song, the guitars moving in and out of precision with nice bullet proof focus. Dead Man’s Song is filled with swagger, and rightly so, it is a killer song worthy of time played on air. The title track is heavy and fast moving, a really headbanger and a mover and shaker.

Exit, is pure heaviness. Moving, swinging and swaggering through its three minute duration. No Escape is fast and riff orientated. Drive is fast, galloping and monstrous. The Black is slower, heavier and perhaps more terrifying because of that.

Hell’s Wrath is a mixture of heaviness and subtlety that combines elements of groove and thrash into one delightful mixture. Smasher is an appropriate title for this song, heavy, filled with energy and moving, a song that is sure to get the crowd moving. Pigs is fast and a fitting closer to the record.

Be sure to purchase this record when it is released on 23rd March via Black Lodge.