Naagarum-Apples Review

Middle Age is a pounding instrumental opening, that blends itself well for what is to come. Isaac is big on the riffs and distortion, filled with haunting vocals, a true ambient metal song. Celestial Mechanism is ambient in another end, filled with nice little thrills and trills. Prism is filled with energy, and darkness, discordance. Robert is scientific and filled with thrills and trills. Hermit moves and modulates.

Nulius in Verba is atmospheric, filled with a certain type of phrasing and energy that creates anticipation. Edmond is sonically female, and filled with the same sort of tonality that that brings. Revelations is thunderous and dark, filled with energy but also a distant sense of light. New Tone combines ambience with black metal. Modern History pounds its way into the light. Royal Society moves and grooves.

The album is out Now via Aesthetic Death.