N.Ex.U.S. - N.Ex.U.S. - Cover Art.jpg

“Loading,” starts things off with a little thud and the sound of the car in the background. “The System,” grooves and shakes with some added mixtures, producing something fascinating and encouraging. “Empathy,” piano based melodies mix nicely with the guitars and the slow building rhythms being thrown together. “A Man Without Soul,” breathes and slithers into one moment of consideration. “Land of Misery,” is heavy and dark, with all the added melodies and powerful trips.
“Reflections,” is dark and chaotic with added power and magic. “The Mercenary,” is light despite its title and it adds some serious shade into the mixture. “Another Shore,” is filled with anger and might with chaos thrown in for good measure. “John Doe,” is led by the melodic vocal, powerful and charming. “Final Act,” is a summation of everything within a moment or two.

The album is out on March 29th.