“Into Oblivion,” kicks things off with a sharp piercing monstrous riff. The vocals are piercing and meant to sort and destroy. “Nightmares,” builds a sense of anticipation before destroying everything with pure anger and rage. “Ancient Majesty,” turns and twists, one way and then the next, slowly building into being with great force. “Gallows Hill,” thumps and clunks with some seriously edgy power. “Lake of Necrosis,” haunting and edgy but with some seriously defiant monsters.

“Hellish Force,” snarks and drives, bringing about some fascinating deliverance in terms of melodic arrangements. “Bleed For The Night,” snarks and shimmers, along the way certain things change and the passage of time comes within and without. “Mystik,” thunders down the pathway and changes within and brings about some seriously kick ass melodical arrangements. “Ritual,” is haunting and downright terrifying.

The album is out on 17th May via I Hate Records.