Tunisia’s finest returns to the scene once more, this time with a fascinating new album.

“Asl,” is the opening track on the record, and from the moment the notes hit, one gets the sense that we are about to enter into something fascinating and dark. “Born To Survive,” starts with a chant and the clapping of hands, the instrumentation kicks with a thundering boost. A swaggering two toed affront to the normal scene, this song is a perfect introduction to the new album. “You’ve Lost Yourself,” moves things into another gear, producing some fascinating twists and turns, it snarks and shakes with energy and groove.  “Dance,” has that intoxicating rhythm to it, the hooks and melodies make it quite clear why this was chosen as the first single. Simply brilliant. “Wicked Dice,” has the feeling of ominous complexity about it. There is a galloping riff and some dark and twisted words thrown in for good measure. “Monster In My Closet,” twists and turns, biting with one side and taking with the other. A jangling gallop with swagger.

“Iili Twil,” takes on a sad melancholic edge in the intro. The acoustic guitars build onto that, turning and twisting, making the listener wonder where things are going to go. The vocals kick and it becomes clear that the mournful edge of the beginning continues. “No Holding Back,” picks up the pace turning things into heaviness and starkness, bringing melody and the east into being. “Stardust,” slows things down a tad, adding into being the piano to make the melodies continue. “Mersal,” veers this way and that, bringing about some serious energy to proceedings. “Darkness Arise,” shifts and twists, bringing life and energy to the fore. “Shehili,” the title track is emphatic and something else entirely, a fitting closer.

The album is out on 3rd May via earMusic.