Morgengrau-Blood Oracle Review

morgengrau cover.jpg

Hailing from Texas, this extreme metal band are back with a new death-defying album.

Blood Oracle starts with the title track which is a mix of classic metal riffs and groove with some new blending of groove metal, and crushing vocals. Wolves Of Thirteen is big, bounding and a huge leap from Blood Oracle a solid piece of metal right there. Progression is dark, growling and snarling, the guitars and instrumentation all around suits the tone of the song. Poised At The Precipice of Doom is big, the guitars are big, the drums fill the speakers and the vocals are crushing.

Forced Exodus is filled with swagger, the guitars, the drums all of it moves with a single poised groove that creates the image of invincibility. Invert The Marker is a pounding thrash slab of metal, the guitars and the vocals carry this song. Incipit Bellum is one minute long and a nice break before the storm continues in Evocation Of The Wheel a song that combines crushing riffs with some subtle vocal melodies.

The album will be out June 22nd via Unspeakable Axe Records.