Mordant Rapture

Mordant Rapture-The Abnegation Review

Unsightly Beast starts softly, the piano and the guitars dancing off against one another, before moving into the darkness. The guitars shred their way through the song, whilst the vocals snarl into a story, creating the ambience and technicality that the band is known for. Withered creates ambience with the piano introduction, before moving into chaotic freneticism, with brutal guitar riffs and sledgehammer esque drums. A Plea Above Ashes starts off slowly, grooving and shivering, the epicness when it hits is sudden and filled with rapture and chaos.

Quell the Voiceless is brutal, the riffs are frenetic, the vocals are demonic and overall this is a song that will get people moving when played live. Natal Trophies moves, shivers and shakes, bringing all sorts of chaos to the fore and ensuring that listeners are kept thoroughly invested.

The album is out on July 13 via The Artisan Era.