Monument Interview


  1. What inspired the name of the band and the style?


 Peter Ellis: The band’s name is a summation of all we stand for, we are a “monument” to true British heavy metal and are here to continue its legacy.



  1. How do you approach song writing?


 Peter Ellis: It usually all starts with me jamming on my stratocaster until I play something that sounds good to me at the time, I then develop  and build uponthat idea.


  1. On the new album, what was the thinking and set up behind it?


 Peter Ellis: We just wanted to create the best album we could, like we always do, there was no particular thinking behind it, we just went in to do a great album.



  1. Are there any songs that explore particular themes?

 Peter Ellis: Mainly they are about urban life in London, history and personal relationships.


  1. How does this new album differ from the previous two albums?



 Peter Ellis: I think it is definitely our strongest album yet. The songs are really cohesive in this album and I have definitely matured a lot as a songwriter which I think shows in the new tracks. Also, the addition of Tony Newton as our producer really helped to bring out the real sound of the band.


  1. Which songs are you looking forward to playing live?

I am really looking forward to playing Attila, Death Avenue and William Kidd live.


Monument-Hellhound Review


William Kidd starts things off, with the classic riff, the story of the famous Pirate  King William Kidd, it kicks things off and is an anthem, the guitars are crisp, the vocals are precise and story worthy, the song is most definitely going to go over well. The Chalice is a dance through classic metal, with a skipping riff, and some pounding drums. Death Avenue contains some swagger, with big pounding drums and classic chugging riffs, the vocals are great at painting a picture. Nightrider is big, grooving and heavy.

Hellhound is a dance between melody and heaviness, and it seems that they combine together to deliver a classic metal song. Wheels of Steel is an anthem, with solid riffs, and a pounding rhythm section. The End is dark, brooding and melodic, a pounding piece of metal lore suitable for this age of darkness. Attila is a rapid gallop in the style of Iron Maiden, which makes it even more impressive given the burst of melodic flare. Straight Through the Heart is a groove as well, melodic twin guitars and some solid vocal melodies make this a fitting closing song.

The album is out on 25th May via Rock of Angels Records.