Monasterium-Church Of Bones


“Church Of Bones,” kicks off this album with a solid thump. It then weaves its way into a sliding jive of a melody that kicks the listener in the nuts and really gets them thinking. “La Danse Macabre,” swerves with the best of them, delivering a thunderous vocal performance and ensuring that a tale as old as time continues. “Liber Loagaeth,” is slow, haunting and damning of the old trends, bringing a new life to what might have been a destructive trend. “Ferrier of the Underworld,” is dark, chaotic and visceral, ensuring the listener does not forget that this is some heavy ass shit.

“Embrace The Void,” is dark, sombre and brooding, with that added edge of chaos filtering in through the wind. “The Order Of The Dragon,” a thundering opus, that would make Black Sabbath proud. Sharpening the chords of destruction into one powerful void of energy. “Sleeping With The Dead,” another song that veers one way and then another, adding the destructive rhythms to the fore. “The Last Templar,” brings history to the forefront, ensuring the listener is left with no doubt as to who and what is in store for them.

The album is out on 6th May via Nine Records.