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Eden’s Curse and Mob Rules@ Underworld Camden, London. Review

On Sunday night, two of the greatest bands of their generation ventured down to the Underworld in London to play a four hour set of great metal and rock and roll. Their names? Mob Rules and Eden’s Curse.


Mob Rules started things off. They blistered through songs from their newest album Beast Reborn including “Ghost of a Chance,” and “Sinister Light,” which allowed the crowd to go nuts, whilst displaying the insane vocal talents of the band’s singer Klaus. From there, the band ventured into some of the older cuts. “Black Rain,” was heavy, darkened and sent chills down this reviewer’s arms. They then came into their element with “Children’s Crusade,” an epic tale of the crusade period set to dazzling fret work and melodies. They then closed up with a wallop. “Hollowed Be Thy Name,” set the scene perfectly.


Next were the headliners, Eden’s Curse, coming off the back of the release of a compilation album entitled Testament. The headliners played the entire first side of the two CD album, and boy was it a show. “Symphony of Sin,” got the crowd’s blood pumping. “Masquerade Ball,” got the big sing along. “Black Widow,” got a mosh going. And the band didn’t stop there. “No Holy Man,” “Jericho,” “Jerusalem Sleeps,” all were huge anthems on the record and were turned into monster songs when performed on Sunday. A moment of reflection with “Unconditional,” and the beautiful vocals of guest singer Helen. From there the band kept going, picking up steam and hitting the listener repeatedly with smashes, thrashes and hits. Finishing with the ultimate anthem “Angels and Demons,” Eden’s Curse showed why they are one of the finest bands out there right now.


Mob Rules

Mob Rules Interview

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On Sunday Night, I had the pleasure of interviewing Jan and Nik from Mob Rules, before their gig at the Underworld, London.

1. Could you tell me a little bit about the band and its influences?

“Klaus is the only original member left. The rest of us have been in the band for a period of about fifteen years to a decade. But yeah, really the band started off as a way for everyone to really just play music and be like our heroes. Our influences were bands like Dio you know your classic metal and rock bands. Naturally every member has their own influences and brings that to the table.”

2. What’s the approach to writing music?

“So we write the music first and then Jan writes the lyrics. So, it starts off with either a riff or a melody, we then slowly put it all together and go from there. In terms of the lyrics, Jan usually looks through historical things or just general themes and thinks about what could mesh well with the melodies we present him.”

3. What was the process for writing the new record like? Were there any changes?

“We made it all in our guitarist Sven’s studio. We just went for it and let it flow instead of coming to sessions before with full ideas. With our previous album ‘Tales From Beyond,’ we’d done something similar and the fans seemed to like that and we liked it, so we went with that sort of formulation again. It gave us more power and made the songs more powerful. A song like ‘Ghost of A Chance,’ had a really cool melody line that fit well with ‘Fear of the Dark,’ funnily enough, but then one day whilst Jan was driving to work, he heard the Ghost of a Chance said and thought that would work well. ‘Children’s Crusade,’ came about after researching the actual crusade period.”

4. How have the new songs been received live? What’s your favourite song to play live?

Jan: “Well we’ve reached a nice middle where we play a mixture of old stuff, and new stuff, but also playing a fair few shorter songs as well for this set, given the time limits. But favourite songs? Children’s Crusade I think.”

Nik: “Our fan base ranges between 6-70 years old, so I think it’s a mix really. And as for favourite song? I’d say My Kingdom Come.”


Mob Rules

Mob Rules-Beast Reborn Review

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Beast Reborn is the orchestral album to the new album by this legendary band, and moves effortlessly into Ghost of A Chance which is an absolute rocker, with pounding drums and soaring vocals and an absolute epic solo, which shreds and moves. Shores Ahead is a soaring epic story, building on the narratives weaved through the melodies and the guitars. Sinister Light is slower, more thoughtful, with an emphasis on melody instead of heaviness, though as the guitars come powering in this shifts, the vocals lead the song perfectly. Traveller In Time is pounding, groove orientated and soaring in the vocal department, perfectly executed. Children’s Crusade is a rocker, powered on energy, groove and a pounding riff that carries everything perfectly.

War of Currents is filled with harmonies galore, and a vocal line that is filled with hooks and melodies. The Explorer is a journey, built on towering guitar riffs, soaring vocals, and a pounding drum rhythm. Revenant of the Sea starts slowly with an acoustic guitar melody, bringing a sharp contrast to previous songs on the record, before shifting into heaviness, and guilded melodies, a truly epic song that is sure to go down in the canon of metal epicness. Way Back Home, is a rocker, filled with harmonies, craft, melodies and heaviness, bringing power and energy. My Sobriety Mind starts with a piano intro, before shifting into epic territory with the vocal lines and the melodies that interweave themselves.

The album is out on 24th August via Steamhammer/SPV.