Mist-Free Me Of The Sun Review


Hailing from Slovenia, this band of doom priestess shine through on their debut album. Starting with the heavy and eerie doom riffage of The Ghoul, the first thing that becomes clear is that this is a band that means business, they aren’t going to stop and shift for anyone. The riffs are seriously heavy and the vocals are haunting. Ora Pro Nobis begins with the jungle drums and a haunting vocal melody from vocalist Nina Spruk. It then picks up speed with some savage riffage by guitarists Ema Babošek and Blaž Tanšek. White Torch is a mix of early Sabbath and early Witchfinder General, a story composed of the background of the devil’s own riff, a truly epic number. December is a haunting embrace of the middle month of winter, a time when things are progressing through into darkness and despair, fittingly done by the band. Altar of You is pounding, shift changing and mind-expanding. A simply brilliant song compiled into riffage and vocal melodies that would make Dio shiver in delight.

Disembody Me is a chilling journey through the metal ecosystem. With guitarists Ema and Blaz providing some of the most chilling riffs that have graced an album. Vocalist Nina Spruk delivers her lyrics with chilling honesty and complexity. The Offering has swagger, much like some Sabbath songs, it is built on a very catchy riff, and a vocal hook that will have the audience moving their heads in appreciation. Demonized are a slow mover, a song with big riffs and an even bigger vocal hook, something that would make the band stand out in the crowd, and a brilliant song. Delirium fits the name, a shifting, ever-changing song that builds on subtle imagery and trippy riffs to take the listener on a journey. Title track Free Me Of The Sun is haunting, shifting and subtle, but also dark, savage and deeply heavy. Imbued with a sense of true purpose, this song is one that is sure to carry the band very far.

Be sure to get the album when it is released on 1st June via Soulseller Records.