Miskatonic Union

Miskatonic Union-Astral Quest

Formed in Chile in 2014 when two friends decided to put their heavy metal influences together with their love of HP Lovecraft, Miskatonic Union bring something unique to the heavy metal table. Astral Quest, contains some of the coolest, and most unique sounding music from a band of this type, that has been heard in years.

Awakening the opening track starts with an acoustic and electric jam,  before moving into an absolute belter of a riff and stomp, Road To The Mountains of Madness continues this trend, as does Bushido Ninja, one gets the feeling that Miskatonic Union are not keeping anything back, they’re going full throttle and you either like it or get out.

This continues throughout the album with songs Nostradamus, Astral Wings and Captain Sparrow bringing punch and energy to the listener’s ears. This album really is something special, and that’s not just platitudes, genuinely, this album is exciting, and invigorating.

If you’re a fan of metal check this album out when it is released on Friday, 26th January.