Mindwars-Do Unto Others Review


Dark thrash metal, the name itself paints an image of the sort of music listeners can expect from this third album from Mindwars. Starting with The Fourth Turning, the listener knows they have not been disappointed. Guitars chug along, the vocals speak of something sinister approaching and the music is on fire. Followed by the darkness of I am The One is the perfect storm of thrash within a record. Blacklisted is heavy, fast and gritty the guitars shine through and the drums beat a battering rhythm.

Conspiracy is thumping, pounding and driving, everything that a good thrash metal song should be. In God’s Name brings the drums of doom and the guitars of doom to the fore, bringing new elements in and ensuring they continue producing the goods without fail. Allegiance to Death is black thrash at its best, solid, chronic and without a doubt an absolute belter of a song. Wall of Fire is brooding and chaotic, a brilliant take on the old school thrash classics, expect to see mosh pit galore.

The creepiness of Kill or Be Killed is reflected in the haunting and downright terrifying opening laughter or mournful crying in the introduction. Peace Through Violence brings mediation and solidness a gallop of drums and riffs that coalesce into one thing or another and bring something like a solid eight to the record. New World Order is heavy, and chaotic, and simply everything that that song title suggests it should be. Take it All Away starts with the wah of the guitar, before moving into throttle, chaos and sadness wrapped into one, a brilliant finisher.

Be sure to purchase this record when it is released on 13th April via Dissonance Productions.