Mike Tramp

Mike Tramp-Stray From The Flock

Mike Tramp - Stray From The Flock (final album ...

“No End To War,” is haunting and soulful, bringing about some fascinating melodical arrangements, and truly displaying the range with which Mike Tramp pursues his interest. “Dead End Ride,” is heavy but with a soulful characteristic, that makes it hauntingly catchy. “Homesick,” slower, more thoughtful. “You Ain’t Free Anymore,” a sledgehammer to the face. “No Closure,” bluesy with some pause for thought and reflection.

“One Last Mission,” a snarky takedown and a ballsy retort. “Live It Out,” provides some feel good melodies and rhythm. “Messiah,” a dark sing along. “Best Days Of My Life,” is an interesting feel good number with a very big hook. “Die With A Smile On Your Face,” is a fascinating finishing song.

The album is out on 1st March via Target Records.