MIDNATTSOL-The Aftermath Review


The band are back with their new album, this time with two female singers.

The Purple Sky begins with a solid bass riff, that creates the impression that the listener is about to be treated to a story. When the guitars kick in things get interesting, there is a sense of melancholy about the vocals, as the singers duel with one another, creating an intriguing blend of harmony and discord. Syns Sang is a mix of piano led harmonies and melodies and the darker, heavier guitar based epics of old, a fitting mix. Vem Kan Segla is haunting, a mix of big vocal lines, and the softer melodies of the instrumentation that make it seem like a siren song. Ikje Glem Meg has the guitar harmonies down to a tee, and the vocal melodies allow both vocalists a chance to shine and tell the story of the fateful day when a terrorist harmed Norway. Herr Mannelig is huge, a traditional melody based song, with a huge riff, and some very catchy melodies thrown in this will be a real epic song to see live.

Title track, The Aftermath is fast and furious a song that will no doubt get heads moving when performed live. The Unveiled Truth is slower, softer and more epic, the guitars carry the song through toward ballad territory but also enable the vocals to really soar. Evaluation of Time is an instrumental that lets the band explore their musical capabilities unfiltered and boy is it a journey, moving from one aspect to another to another. Forsaken has that really drinking song feel, with the acoustic guitars adding a sense of lightness, but also the feel of having a horn of ale on a cold winter’s night by the fire. A real breakdown and an interesting song. Eitrdropar is a slow starter, with the haunting vocal lines making the hair on the back of your neck stand up. It moves through various phases, at turns heavy, at turns soft, but always haunting, a fitting closer song.

The album is out on 25th May via Napalm Records, be sure to get it!