Mick's Jaguar

Mick’s Jaguar Interview

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  1. What inspired the name of the band and what are your influences?

We used to get all fucked up and blast Stones songs, and somewhere in one of those blackout jam sessions someone said “do a gagger!”, which turned turned into someone else saying “Mick Jagger”, which became “Mick’s Gagger” and then finally landed on “Mick’s Jaguar”. Also, we saw some dude in LA who has MIKSJAG on his license plate. If he’s out there, please sell us your car. 



  1. What inspired the formation of such a diverse group of musicians?

New York City is a melting pot – you can have a Taco Bell, a KFC, and a Dunkin Donuts all in the same restaurant. That’s like us – we all come from different worlds outside of the band but we share a love of rock n fucking roll. Also, we drink at the same bars, so that probably helps. 



  1. What themes are explored on the album and why?

The glory and pain of city life, the wisdom of age and the folly of youth. The booze, drugs, long days and fast nights of 21st century life. We play metropolitan homesick blues to get the noise out of our heads. Fighting ones own demons, whether they be of the illicit kind, other people, or God and the Devil and their dueling seductions. Murder fantasies, escapist reality. Our singer was drinking chocolate milkshakes spiked with a country ton of Allen’s Coffee Brandy while he wrote most of these lyrics, so he was in a dark place, and went to the hospital after doing his vocal session. 



  1. How do you think the scene has changed since you started?

There is almost no more rock n roll in Manhattan. You’ll hear from venues say that they don’t have anything in the rock n roll world booked for the foreseeable future. It’s all bands that could soundtrack a J.Crew commercial. Even Brooklyn is tough, there are a handful of cool small DIY venues booking kickass stuff, but it’s certainly not the rock n roll paradise its been several times over the last few decades. There’s a lot of washed up cheesedick rockers who should probably just move to LA and hang out on Sunset, and then there’s a lot of young bands doing really interesting stuff, a lot of metal and some punk, but not a ton of hard rock n roll.


  1. What plans do you have for the future?

Drink more Allen’s Coffee Brandy milkshakes. We’re going to be doing some east coast shows this fall, then a west coast run late in the year or early 2019. Working on the second record now, it’s about half-written, and we’re going to demo it in November. We really want to get to Europe. We have a lot of people hitting us up on Instagram asking us to come over to Europe, so we may just have to.

Mick's Jaguar

Mick’s Jaguar-Fame and Fortune Review

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Real Boss opens with a thudding riff, and a vocal line that would make the Ramones and David Bowie proud, the guitars pounding along, the drums provide an ample backdrop. Pay To Play sounds like AC /DC but meshed for the new era with some subtle grooves that would hit on a ZZ Top record, the guitars swagger, the vocals snarl, the rhythm section keeps pounding. Where We Go is bluesy, fast and grooving, the guitars keep things ticking nicely, the drums pound into the a twelve bar blues shuffle, the vocals are gripping and snarling. Here Comes The Night is Nazareth This Flight Tonight for 2018, swinging, dancing and pounding, a brilliant song, crafted with lyrical story telling, and big guitar riffs. Blood On The Snow is dancing, melodic, and heavy, the riffs are Thin Lizzy mixed with a sledgehammer, truly awesome.

Hell Ride is classic rock and roll, driving, thumping and dancing, grooving along with snarling vocals. Damnation is bluesy, the riffs echo back to the Doors, but mixed in with some Steely Dan, the vocals are guttural and bluesy. Country and Punk is big on the riffs, heavy on the vocals, and pounding with the rhythms, that keep things going, dancing and slating through. Call The Guy is another AC/DC sounding groove, pounding drums, switchblade riffs and some serious vocal chops. New Orleans Blues is grungy, bluesy and the perfect finisher for this journey of an album.

The album is out 22nd June via Riding Easy Records.